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Strip Abrasives from QuickWood

The QuickStrip Abrasives System is a revolutionary product in which only the worn part of the system gets replaced. A track in the brush backing accepts the sand paper strip; these strips are then replaced only when worn out. The brush lasts four to six times longer and is only replaced as needed. The QuickStrip Abrasives System is the most cost effective system available when compared to other systems that require the simultaneous changing of both the brush and abrasives each time replacement is required. Multiple grits and cut widths are available to fit many different application requirements. The QuickStrip system is also available in a double-sided configuration. Different abrasive grits can be placed on either side of a brush strip facing in opposite directions. This means you can change from raw wood sanding to sealer sanding with only the push of button. This makes QuickStrip abrasive system not only cost effective but time efficient as well!
Quick Strip Brush

The QuickStrip Hub System components are made of durable aluminum alloys and come with a lifetime warranty. The hubs are custom cut to length and universal adapters are available to fit many industry standard motor shafts. The QuickStrip Abrasives System is adaptable to a number of machines, other than just that of QuickWood machines.

QuickWood Abrasives and Hubs

QuickWood quick-strip

Some examples of Quickwood aluminum hubs

The QuickStrip System can be used with any spindle. You do not have to own a QuickWood machine to use it. Just give us a call and tell us what size you require and we will take it from there!