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Abrasive Flap Wheels

QuickWood offers many different types of Abrasives Flap Wheels. Below we have a list of the most common styles.


QuickDiscs were the first Abrasive flap wheel on the market; they were originally released in early 1990. QuickDisks are still widely used by many manufacturers today.  They are also available in a double sided version, mostly used in white wood sanding and metal deburring.Deburring Discs

This is the original Abrasive Flap Wheel made by QuickWood:

Brushes for QuickWood

QuickWood Nylon Bristle

The next type of abrasive flap wheel is the Nylon brush which includes abrasives in each bristle. This version is very popular for sealer sanding of 3 dimensional pieces and is also used with a combination of QuickDiscs as seen above.

Tynex Brushes Rustic


QuickFlex Abrasive Flap Wheels

The most popular configuration used today, and what most people know as an abrasive flap wheel, is the QuickFlex.  This configuration uses a 28 segment hub and in each segment there is a brush backed, abrasive strip.  The abrasives and brushes work together to sand the wood.

Flap Wheels