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Brush Abrasive QuickStrip

Quick-Strip QuickWood

QuickWood Brush Abrasive System

The QuickStrip Brush Abrasive System is a revolutionary product in which only the worn part of the system needs to be replaced. A track in the brush backing accepts the sand paper strip which is replaced only when worn out. This is a new style of flap wheels from QuickWood. The brush lasts four to six times longer and is replaced only as needed. The QuickStrip Brush Abrasive System is the most cost effective system available when compared to other systems on the market that require both the brushes and abrasives to be replaced at the same time.  Multiple grits and cut widths are available to fit many different application requirements. The QuickStrip Brush Abrasive System is also available in a double-sided configuration.  Abrasive grits can be placed on each side of a brush strip, facing in opposite directions.  This allows for longer periods of time between replacing the abrasive strips when using the same grit on both sides of the brush, or by using two different grits, to be able to switch from raw wood sanding to sealer sanding simply by changing the rotation of the hub.  It is remarkably easy to use.  The result is an efficient, easy operation. The QuickStrip Brush Abrasive System is as cost effective as it is time efficient.

Double Sided QuickWood Strips

Double-sided configuration

Quick Strip Brush

Single-sided configuration


Hubs for the brush abrasive system

QuickWood Hubs Alunium

QuickStrip hub system components are made of durable aluminum alloys and come with a lifetime warranty. The hubs are custom cut to length. Universal adapters are available to fit many industry standard motor shafts. Furthermore, The QuickStrip Abrasive System is adaptable to a number of other machines. While we recommend QuickWood, this system gives you freedom to use whichever tool is right for the job at hand.

The Quick-Strip System can be used with any spindle. You don’t have to own a QuickWood machine to start enjoying its benefits. Just give us a call and tells us what size spindle you require and we can provide you a platform that suits your needs.