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Deburring Discs

Deburring Discs

Deburring Discs for Metal

QuickWood Deburring Discs are used in automatic QuickWood metal deburring machines and other machines on the market. The revolutionary, non-aggressive grinding system uses oscillating grinding technology, with each deburring disc moving back and forth on the spindle, gently deburring the metal edge. The flexible disc heads wrap themselves around the part and contours to its shape.

Metal deburring with the QuickDisc abrasives on a QuickWood machine or other metal deburring machines is cost effective and relatively simple. The QuickDiscs comes in a 3M product specially designed for metal deburring.

Deburring discs for Wood

QuickDiscs are used for denibbing on wood doors and furniture parts. The small fingers of the QuickDiscs will come down into the profile of the door and remove the fibers. The QuickDiscs also perform well with edge-breaking on doors.

The original QuickWood Deburring Discs are an efficient and cost effective solution to all of your deburring needs.