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Flap Wheel Sander

You can make your own flap wheel sander with the Segmented Plastic Quick-Flex hubs from QuickWood and spindles and motors. As you can see from the picture below we will help you with whatever you need to build your own flap wheel sander. Please visit QuickWood’s online store for spindles and hubs for your flap wheel sander. You can also buy just a head with a pin in the end for a drill chuck. We will gladly work with you to meet your own project needs and your own budget.

You can make your own sander and  order parts, as shown on the picture below.

Or you can use the QuickWood Power tools for your flap wheels.

We have 3 different models to meet your needs.

Flap Wheel Sander F3 hand tool

The F3 is a light weight hand tool which can be fitted with Quick Flex or sanding stars, great for sanding and denibbing components to complete items.

Flap Wheel Sander F6

The F6 is a powerful, lightweight hand tool that can be fitted with Quick Flex abrasive and many other type of abrasive systems, from rustic effect brushes to polishing heads.


The F15 is a powerful machine, built for edge sanding and denibbing stacks of components. It is usually fitted with QuickFlex abrasives, but can also be fitted with the complete range of QuickWood abrasives.

Quick-Flex for your sander:

  • Modular system;
  • Suitable for contour sanding, sealer sanding/denibbing, polishing of wax;
  • Flexible;
  • Easy to change brush/abrasive;
  • Economic;
  • Low weight;
  • Long life time;
  • Grit 60-600 available!

Save money by building your very own flap wheels sander. We will help you with what we have in stock, and you can buy additional parts as needed for your own machine from your favorite local store. With our know-how and your skills you will have a fine flap wheel sander in no time!