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QuickWood Abrasives QuickFlex

QuickFlex QuickWood
The QuickWood abrasives QuickFlex is a single row of Brushes with abrasives adhered to the front of the brush. The brush strip slides into our Aluminum hubs or our segmented plastic hubs. The QuickWood abrasives QuickFlex system is a great choice when you just need an inexpensive set of flap wheels for a hand held sander or spindle. In the long run, replacing the brushes every time is not cost-effective, so QuickWood came up with their second style of flap wheels below.

QuickWood abrasives QuickStrip

QuickWood QuickStrip abrasives and brushes come in many different configurations. They are also easy to build yourself using your own spindle or a spindle from QuickWood. The QuickWood QuickStrip abrasive and brush system is the only system on the market where the abrasives can be changed out without having to replace the brushes. The QuickWood QuickStrip brush features a slot where the abrasives can slide in and out, making them easy to change while still leaving the brushes in place for more sanding. This makes the QuickWood system the most economical choice in today’s market.  It is also available in a double-sided configuration.

Quick Strip Brush

Single-sided configuration

Double Sided QuickWood Strips

Double-sided configuration

The concept behind the flap wheel is that the brush will back up the abrasives, so the faster you spin the spindle the harder and more aggressive the abrasive will sand. The QuickWood abrasives are flexible and flex to any profile.

Quick-Strip QuickWood