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Replacement Brushes for QuickWood

Quick Strip Brush

The replacement brushes for QuickWood machines can be bought direct from QuickWood Inc, your local QuickWood dealer, or The great thing about the QuickWood brushes is you don’t have to replace them each time you replace the sandpaper. Just slide out the strip and put another one in. It’s that easy. QuickWood brushes last you 4-6 changes of abrasives. If you had to buy brushes and abrasives each time it would cost you a fortune. Not so with the QuickWood replacement brushes. Just slide out the sandpaper and slide another one in.

No need for replacement brushes with the QuickWood System

The second great thing about the QuickWood replacement brushes is the ability to get brushes with abrasives slots on both sides. This will allow you to reverse the spindle rotation and sand with a different grit of sandpaper. It’s like having 2 drums on a sander. First, sand with P180 grit for your white wood, or pre-sand before applying stain and sealer. Then flip the rotation of your spindles and spin the other way using the P320 grit for sealer sanding.

No other replacement brush system is this versatile! When you buy a QuickWood sander you know that getting the right replacement brushes is as easy as making a call to our talented customer support team.

This video should explain everything you ever wanted to know about QuickWood Brushes and Abrasives:

Replacement brushes are something you only need every 5th time you use the Quick-Strip abrasive brush system from QuickWood.

QuickWood quick-strip