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Steel Brushes

Steel Brush Sanding

QuickWood Steel Brushes for Rustic Sanding

These are special steel brushes for opening the wood grain. The abrasive is used for making openings in the wood grain and to make it look rustic. The steel brush is used first, then a powder, such as chalk or powdered stain, is put into the open wood. The surface is then brushed clean and a clear lacquer is applied. The powder then sits inside the low grain. The QN steel brush look is unbelievable.

Surface Conditioning Wood/Wood Composites 

Finishers of Hardwood and Softwood products such as kitchen cabinets, entry doors, exposed beams, moldings and flooring are designed to distress the surface of these products to achieve an antique look. The key to success is designing a Wire Brush that will distress the surface and follow the natural grain of the wood. We have designed a wide range of Wire Brush products to suit these requirements for most types of wood.

Steel brushes setup in a different way.

We also offer a modular steel brush, so you can easy change the size of your setup.

Extruders and manufacturers of Wood Composite (Plastic Wood) decking, railing, siding, fencing and window parts are using our “Double Backed” Wire Brushes to put a natural wood grain finish on their products. Our “Double Backed” Wire Brushes produce a random, nonskid, wood grain pattern that is superior to embossing.

Steel Brushes are now available in our online shop. Please follow this link and click here