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Antiquing Wood

The art of “antiquing” wood is performed with steel brushes, where the soft wood is removed while leaving the hard wood intact. Soft wood is your summer wood and hard wood is winter wood. Picture a tree. Its grain is warm and soft in the summer but cold and hard during winter.

Antiquing wood steel brush head

This product is sold in our web store and it attaches to a 1/2″ drill chuck so you can run it in a drill. We also offer air tools on our web shop for doing this type of work, though sometimes a small head attached to your own drill makes the work easier when the job is small and fairly quick.

Antiquing wood look

Rustic Sanding

As you can see, steel brushes make linear lines in the wood so the wood looks old. The longer the tool is used over the wood the deeper the grooves become. After using steel brushes a clean-up process with flap wheel abrasives brushes is recommended.
Automatic Rustic Sanding
Clean up Antiquing wood.

The same head that you use for steel brushes can also take an attachment for clean up brushes, as seen in this picture.

Rustic Sanding Machine

Flap Wheels Clean up brush. Buy it Now

Flap wheels with brushes and abrasives in a P150 will do a great job getting the wood smooth again. After the antiquing process is complete, the wood is now ready for stain color or sealer.

Our tools can handle any size project you might encounter, from home use to industrial settings. We make the rustic sanding machine in all different sizes. The example below is from a flooring manufacturer in USA.

rustic sanding machine