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Casket Sander

The QuickWood Casket Sander is a 14 head sander PLC with the ability to adjust its position via signal from a bar code.

Casket Sander

First, we load all your casket drawings into our computer and generate a PLC program for each casket your have. You provide us with CAD drawings and we position the 14 heads to hit a different part of the casket. The machine can do up to one casket each minute. It can also be used as a finish sanding operation before stain and sealer and for sealer sanding of the caskets.

QuickWood Casket Sander

The QuickWood casket sander is already running at a couple of factories in Europe and we hope to introduce it in the United States in the next few years. The casket sander will improve the quality of your caskets coming into stain and sealer. Expect better consistency of stain color as the casket will be sanded with both uniformity and precision.