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Polishing Machine

A high gloss polishing machine for top coats. We have built a large capacity polishing machine where a product can be polished from a 1200 grit scratch to a high gloss finish. The machine will do the last step of the polishing process by using muslim wheels and polishing compound. The machine is built with strong motors that generate high RPM on the spindles to create a great polished finish by hitting your piece from many different angles.

Polishing machine

As you can see in the picture, polishing with compound is a messy job. But the machine is 51″ wide and can do polishing on multiple parts at one time. The muslim wheels load with the buffing compound pre-applied and the heads will spin at high RPM’s to get the right buff on each part. As the center head rotates, the buffing heads will hit the work piece at many different angles.

The automatic polishing machine can be used for polishing carbon, lacquer and any surface you can polish by hand with cotton buffing pads and compound.

QuickWood polishing machine now with automatic spray guns for applying the compound

In the new QuickWood polishing machine the compound is automatically sprayed onto the buffing pads by four spray guns mounted on the machine. This makes it easy to apply the buffing compound evenly and to cover each drum with enough compound to do the job.

If you are dealing with a lot of hand buffing, contact QuickWood and ask about our polishing machine.