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Robot Sanding

QuickWood are doing some applications with Robot sanding and Robot material handling, its normally very specific to the application for what you want the robot to do. We have a team that are doing only robots and robot sanding and we would love to hear about your application and put your company in contact with our team.

Robot Sanding

Is done by programing a robot to do the same movements as a human would do to sand a work piece. The robot can work 24 hours a day and will be able to work while the lights are off.  We have some robots that do that today, they work with a CNC machine loading and unloading products from the CNC onto pallets.

Robot sanding prices.

Normally a robot cell is in the ball park of $150,000 so for that kind of money the robot really has to have a lot of work to keep it busy. Contact us for more information and a free quote and drawings on your robot cell.