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Solid Surface

QuickWood machines are also made for sanding solid surface sheets and fabricated parts. The QuickWood sanding pattern is a matte non-directional finish. This gives the fabricators a fast way to remove the shiny surface from the sheet and giving them a non directional matte finish.

Sanding solid surface with automatic machines

QuickWood offers special machines for sanding solid surface based on the same technology used in a hand orbital sander. The QuickWood solid surface sander can be mounted with regular abrasives for the first sanding and a second head with non woven material for a matte finish as you would with an automatic machine.

Solid surface sander

By using the automatic QuickWood machine, solid surface material can be sanded in though feed at a feed rate of between 3- 6 feet per minute. The sanding quality will always be the same as the machine will always sand the sheets or tops to the same fine quality.

Manufactures doing Solid Surface siding are also using Quickwood sanders to remove the lilinearines and make a matte finish.

The Pro 1650 special made for the 5′ x 10′ sheet will remove the linear lines left from the wide belt sander and create a matte non-directional pattern.

Sanding solid surface with hand tools

QuickWood also offers many different hand tools for sanding solid surfaces. The best ones for doing table tops are units like the QuickWood F15 that does 8″ width. This tool is air driven and can be mounted with both flap wheels or non woven discs for sanding solid surface material to a matte finish.

QuickWood has lots of tools and  machines for sanding solid surface material. Please contact a QuickWood representative for more information.