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Elite-1400 Vac Quickwood

The QuickWood Cabinet Door Sander

The Elite Series Sander designed as a door sander for whitewood, sealer, and primer sanding has a carousel with 4 gear heads with 2 spindles each, which counter rotate to give better sanding coverage. The 8 spindles are reversible by the push of a button. This feature allows the use of our patented double sided abrasives which offer the capability of multiple grits on a single head. This will for example accommodate raw wood sanding and sealer sanding on the same machine without having to change heads.  The height, speed, and direction of the spindles, as well as the conveyor speed and carousel speed are controlled from a 12” touch screen control panel which allows for an easy transition between sanding jobs. The control panel has the capability to store 99 sanding programs for automatic control of all functions. The control panel comes standard with both English and Spanish language. The Elite will integrate into automated finish line operations.  The Elite Series door sander  is available in standard conveyor belt widths of 43” or 55”. Special sizes are available upon request.

Alternatively you can choose between a standard belt and a vacuum belt with a very strong vacuum capacity. The vacuum pump is integrated in the machine and does not need any silencer.  A 40/60 split belt vacuum system option can be added for stronger hold of very small parts.

The Elite is designed for Finishing, Sealer Sanding/ de-nibbing of three dimensional work pieces, items with profiles, raised panel and flat doors, drawer fronts and moldings, hardwood and MDF.  A QuickWood door sander  will de-nib your raw wood product along with breaking the edges and giving a uniform pore opening. Removing the fuzz (de-nibbing) will cause a smoother stain and sealer coat resulting in less sanding of the sealer and an eventual better top coat finish. Breaking the edges removes the weak area in the finish and allows for better sealer sanding without burning through the stain. A uniform pore opening generates a much better color balance throughout the product eliminating the blotching that so often accompanies hand sanding.

Door sander for sealer sanding

QuickWood machines are also capable of sealer sanding once the material has been stained and sealed. Sealer sanding with the QuickWood gives a random scratch pattern (scuffing) to the sealer which results in a much better bond between the sealer and top coat. Primer sanding in the case of painted surfaces is also possible.