Brush Sander

Brush Sander

Brush Sander

Brush Sanding Machine

QuickWood Brush Sander

The brush sanding machines from QuickWood are used for denibbing before stain and sealer and for sealer sanding. The CD2-600 (24″), CD2-900 (36″) and CD2-1300 (51″) are strait brush sanding machines. The machines will have two straight brushes across the conveyor. The brushes are counter rotating for fiber removal from both directions and both spindles have variable speed for different degrees of sanding. The more rpm on the spindles equals a harder sanding less spindle speed is used for sealer sanding 100 -200 rpm, brush sanding before stain and sealer is usually between 400 – 500 rpm. The conveyor takes the parts though the machine and pressure rollers hold the parts down while the brush sander sands the part in two directions. The CD2-Series sanders are best for two dimentional work pieces like flat doors or mouldings. Five piece doors we normally need a rotating sander.


View animation of CD2-600-900-1300 Brush Sander

The brush sanders comes in different configurations. Please have a look at the following configurations we offer and if you don’t see the brush sander you need on these pages please give us a call and we can probably make it for you.

Bottom brush sander

View animation of bottom brush sander

Top and bottom brush sander.
View animation of Top and Bottom Brush sander

CD2 600 Quickwood literature

CD2 series Quickwood literature

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