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Brush Sander

Brush Sander CD2-1300

QuickWood Brush Sander

Brush sanding machines from QuickWood are used for denibbing before stain and sealer and for sealer sanding. The CD2-600 (24″), CD2-900 (36″) and CD2-1300 (51″) are straight brush sanding machines. The machines will have two straight brushes across the conveyor. The brushes are counter-rotating for fiber removal from both directions. Both spindles have variable speed for different degrees of sanding. The more RPM on the spindles equals a harder sanding. Lower spindle speed is used for sealer sanding (100 -200 rpm); brush sanding before stain and sealer is usually between 400 – 500 RPM. The conveyor takes the parts though the machine and pressure rollers hold the parts down while the brush sander sands the part in two directions. The CD2-Series sanders are best for two dimensional work pieces like flat doors or moldings. Five piece doors normally require a rotating sander.

Brush Sander Inside View

The brush sanders come in different configurations. Please have a look at the following configurations we offer and if you don’t see the brush sander you need,  please give us a call. We can probably make it for you.

Bottom brush sander

Top And Bottom Brush Sander

Top and bottom brush sander.
brush sander dia