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Detail Sander

Detail Sander Classic 1300

QuickWood Detail Sander

Use the Detail Sander for mitered doors and raised panel doors when the final detail sanding before finishing is what you need. This machine is very aggressive as a white wood sanding machine.  It will even out corners on mitered doors and sometimes blend a fine cross grain scratch in with the rest of the door. Your final sanding grit in the wide belt sander has to be a 220 grit for the machine to blend in the scratches.

Classic Machine Brushes

The Classic 900 and 1300 are “cup brush” style sanders. The 900 has 7 sanding heads and a 36 inch wide conveyor. The classic 1300 detail sander has 9 sanding heads and a 51 inch wide conveyor. The Classic series detail sander is very aggressive compared to rotary style sanders and does an excellent job cleaning up profiles and providing a superior and uniform edge break. The Classic sanders also have reversible heads incorporated which allow loading of two grits simultaneously. The heads reverse by the push of a button.The units have a small foot print, making them ideal for smaller shop applications.

QuickWood Detail Sander literature

Literature on the Classic 1300/900 sander can be found here. The machine is made for both Wood and metal and we are aware that the video shown above is only showing metal, but it can be used for both.