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Finishing Sander

The QuickWood Sander is all about using the right tool for the job, we have different styles of  sanders from hand tools to the fully automatic rotating style door sanders. The literature pictures on this page will show you our selection. Have a look at the many different finishing Sanders that we make and see what will fit your application.

If you feel more like building your own machine because you don’t really see anything that fits your application we have a fully stock online store where you can get spindles, brushes and abrasives for your job.

But if we can help you into one of our new or used automatic finishing sanders that we build in our factory in Italy please tell us what we can do to make that happen. We have about 800 big automatic sanders out in the field in North America and there is a good chance that you can see one where you live, as we have good contact with existing customers and normally we can get a new customer in to see an old machine in operation.

Another way of seeing a finishing sander from QuickWood in action is to come see us at the IWF show in Atlanta or any other of the major woodworking shows held each year.

The QuickWood finishing sander has been made  since 1990 and have in that time developed many new types of machines and abrasives to go on those machine. Have a  look around and see if there is a finishing sander that fits your application.

Please call your local QuickWood distributor if you have any questions.

Finishing Hand Sanders            Finishing Sander

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Finishing Sander                         Finishing Sanders