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metal deburring sander

Metal deburring machines for aluminum

Metal deburring machines for aluminum and stainless steel parts. The parts can be flat or contoured. The machine will still deburr the cut outs and the edges to a perfect round edge. The deburring process takes the parts on the conveyor belt and at speeds of 5-10 feet per minute. The machine comes with a built in vacuum hold down system, to keep in place parts as small as a credit card. The machine requires wet dust collection to separate the metal dust extracted from the metal deburring machines. Aluminum and Steel parts can be run on the same machine without danger of dust build.

Please send us your parts for a no obligation test run on this metal deburring machine.

Metal deburring machines video

Please download the literature on the Metal deburring machine

Metal Deburring Literature

Metal deburring machines are used for automatic deburring of metal parts like stainless steel parts or aluminum parts