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Deburring Tools

QuickWood makes some of the finest deburring tools in the metal industry. The QuickWood deburring tools can flex to any shape given to it. The flexing of the deburring brush and abrasive is a powerful advantage, as we never want to remove too much material but only material around the burrs.


QuickWood deburring tools are the following machines.

List of different deburring tools from QuickWood

deburring tools F3

2″ F3 Air Tool


f6 Finishing sander

4″ F6 Air Tool


Edge Sander Hand Tool QuickWood

8″ F15 Air Tool


These deburring tools will be used with our special brush back sanding heads for metal deburring. They are all pneumatic tools so they will work correctly in most shops.

Abrasives for QuickWood deburring tools

Here is a picture of the sanding brush that we use for the Metal deburring:

brushes for QuickWood

QuickWood has many different deburring tools available please check out our online store