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Deburring Discs

Deburring Discs

Deburring discs are double sided discs used in rotary style sanders to break sharp edges on aluminum or stainless steel. The discs are used in QuickWood machines and other brand names on the market today. The QuickWood deburring discs fit all other brands, have an equal or better life expectancy, and are more cost effective than competing brands.

Metal Deburring Wheels.

Our metal deburring wheels are made with a brush backing up an abrasive strip. The wheels are flexible and can be used for light deburring of edges and metal finishing. The abrasives used are aluminum oxide or silicon carbite for deburring of aluminum and stainless steel. Other types of metal can also be deburred with these wheels. Becasue they are very flexible they are also gentle enough to avoid rounding the edges too much when deburring.

The deburring wheels can be used on any of the QuickWood deburring machines seen on this page or used on your machine, with many size spindle adapters to fit your size spindle. The deburring wheels are custom cut to fit your length spindle. Give us a call and see how we can help you with your deburring needs.

Picture of our metal deburring wheels

Flap Wheels

Metal deburring wheels in our online store

Please visit our online store for all the different deburring wheels from QuickWood. You can even build you own metal deburring machine from scratch. Just get the spindles and deburring wheels from QuickWood and supply the motor and mounting for your machine your self.