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Deburring is a finishing process used to remove sharp burrs from an edge or from a cut out.  Metal is normally machined using many processes in order to create pieces of specific shapes and sizes. These procedures often create ragged edges or protrusions. The raised parts that appear when metal blanks are machined are referred to as “burrs” and the process by which they are removed is known as “deburring.”

Deburring metal with an automatic machine, like the QuickWood Classic 1300, for all types of metal will remove the edge burrs and any burrs around cut outs in your work piece. The deburring process can be as fast as 30 seconds per part. This automatic deburring process can also be used for edge rounding, which is very useful after a piece has been stamped or laser cut. The rounded edges are made with the special QuickWood Edge Deburring Abrasives and Brushes. See the video below:

For a free demonstration and test on your pieces please contact us.