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Moulding Sander

Moulding Sander 4 heads

Moulding Sanders with 4 heads, for sanding mouldings on 3 sides. The QuickWood CD2 Series Moulding sanders have two or more horizontal top spindles and can support two or more vertical side spindles and/or two or more horizontal bottom spindles to sand the various surfaces of the work pieces. Moulding sanders like these are used to break sharp edges, remove fibers from the surface, and to make the stain more even. If you are trying to remove deep knife marks it’s not the right sander. To do that job you would need a profile sander where the profile wheel is the same shape as the moulding you are trying to sand. I have seen brush sanders used in many shops as a finishing sander where parts comes out smooth unchanged profiles. In some cases, the machines are also used to remove very light knife marks, but this is not the norm.

This sander is better described on this page Moulding sander

Automatic Moulding Sander Quickwood

Moulding sander 6 heads

Moulding Sander With 6 Heads, for faster feed though speed. Four heads will sand from the top and 2 heads will sand from the side. Steping up to a 4 top head moulding sander is going to give you a lot of freedom to use different grits on the 4 top heads and to run mouldings that need a touch more sanding on the face.

cd2+2-300 moulding sander

8 Head moulding sander

Moulding sander with 8 heads. Fully enclosed for better dust collection and faster feed speed. Industrial Moulding Sander designed to handle linear board feet applications such as moulding, siding, and flooring. This machine comes complete with a power driven pressure roller feed system, two top heads, two bottom heads and two heads on either side to sand four surfaces simultaneously in a single pass. The feed rate and sanding heads are independently adjustable through use of frequency inverters. The pressure roller system, top head height, and left and right side sander heads are electronically adjustable. All heads will tilt and rotate to accommodate different styles and shapes of crown moulding, shoe moulding, and chair rail. The QL 1-2-3-4 will accept all QuickWood sanding media.

QL Molding Sander inside view

QuickWood has been making moulding sanders since 1990 and we have a good bit of machines in active service. If your company is looking for a small and easy moulding sander like the CD2-300 or the best of the best, the QL1234, QuickWood has the right moulding sander to do the job!