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This Moulding sander is built with 4 top heads and 1 right and 1 left head. QuickWood can build any combination of heads you need. The 4 head style is very popular for sanding white wood at high speeds. The extra 2 heads on top make the sander capable of sanding mouldings at up to 100 feet per minute. In addition, the extra top sanders come in handy with custom jobs, where the quality of the sand has to be more than just average.

cd2+2 molding sander

Getting a little more out of your moulding sander

The principal is simple: the more sanding heads you have the more sanding you can do at a faster feed speed. With 4 top heads, you can set up the machine with 2 heads of P120 grit and 2 heads of P150 grit for a coarse and fine sanding on your mouldings. The other solution would be to have two heads with P150 grit and two heads with P180 grit to give the mouldings a finer sand right before stain. It could also be you wanted to match up what you where doing on your doors to get the stain color right. With the 4 head molding sander there are many more possibilities.

Changing abrasives on your molding sander

The QuickWood moulding sanders are normally setup with our Quick Strip abrasives and brush system, making the change of abrasives very easy and very cost effective. A normal shop would run this molding sander 3-4 hours per day and change out the paper every 3 to 4 months. When changing out the sandpaper, simply slide out the sandpaper from every brush (28 brushes per spindle). Changing abrasives on a molding sander like this takes about 20 minutes.