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CD4-300 molding sander

4 Head Moulding sander

Moulding Sander designed to handle linear board feet applications such as moulding, siding, and flooring. This machine comes complete with a power driven pressure roller feed system, two top heads, and one head on either side to sand three surfaces simultaneously in a single pass. The feed rate and sanding heads are independently adjustable through the use of frequency inverters. The pressure roller system, top head height, and front side sander head adjustments are made using a hand crank system. All heads will tilt and rotate to accommodate different styles and shapes of crown moulding, shoe moulding, and chair rail. The CD4-300 will accept all QuickWood sanding media.

Special configurations of this moulding sander is available to handle applications wider than 12 inches or when more than two top heads are needed to accomplish the job.

The moulding sander comes in 3 phase 220 volt or 3 phase 440 volt.