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Power Tools

When you need a great final sand on your product but don’t have a machine,we have the tool you need. Our pneumatic hand held power tools are perfect for small to medium jobs that require a smooth final sand that traditional hand sanding just will not do. With nothing more than an air compressor and an in line oil drop system you are ready to plug in and start sanding. You may have seen others like them on the market but never for the price QuickWood’s able to produce them at. Door sanding, edge sanding, profile sanding or pre assembled furniture sanding, we have what you need. We have two types of each model, power and fast. The power models are ideal for applying more pressure to create a distressed look and the fast models are for sealer and all other applications. All models are delivered with air hose and dust shield. All have hexagonal shafts for direct power transfer and sturdy air motors with Teflon vanes. The QuickWood power tools for sanding really make a difference in the sanding time spent and the quality of the sanding job.

Different Power tools from QuickWood

  • F3:2” head width: The F3 hand held unit is the smallest we carry. Great for getting in those hard to reach profiles that need deburring, or small parts that are to little to go through a machine, as well as pre-assembled furniture, such as chairs
F3 Air Power Tool Sanding

F3 is a 2″ power tool



  • F6:4” head width: The F6 hand held unit can be used for mouldings and all other frame style products such as windows and shutters. Profile sanding with edge break and surface sanding can be done with the F6. This model is also great for sealer sanding.
f6 Finishing sander

F6 is a 4″ power tool


  • F15:8” head width: The F15 is a two hand operating unit ideal for stack sanding edges of doors, entrance and interior doors, large pieces of furniture, coffins and wide planks of flooring or moulding. The F15 has a suspension point to relieve pressure from the worker.

F15 is a 8″ two hand held power tool

All units are versatile and can be setup for any of our sanding media, QuickStrip, QuickFlex, QuickDisc, Tynex or QuickDisc and Tynex. Give us a call with your application and we will get you setup with the unit you need.