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Air Table Sander

Table Spindle Flap Sander

Air table sander built for comfort

The sander is built on wheels so it can be moved around the shop and it has a built in air pump that will blow air up through the small balls counter sunk in the table. This creates an easy movement of parts on the table similar to an air-hockey table.

The sander has a built in inverter to control speed and it gives you a read out of your spindle speed on a digital read out.

Move heavy parts on this air table sander

The small air balls on the surface of this air table sander makes it easy to move large parts around to be sanded on the stationary spindle. There are guide rails on both sides of the spindle making it easy to guide the work piece by the sanding station using both hands to move the part.

This air table sander is also being used for sanding edges on large doors