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F15 Edge Sander 8-Inch

F15 QuickWood 2 Handheld

Two handed pneumatic edge sander

The F15 is a two handed pneumatic tool which will accept all sanding media available from Quickwood. The F15 is an industrial version hand tool especially suited for large doors or panels. It is also very useful as an edge sanderĀ  for sanding edges when stacked together. It is also used in sanding larger furniture pieces or full size doors and long molding pieces.

Edge Sander Hand Tool QuickWood

8″ edge sander Power tool

The F15 has an 8″ sanding head for large surface coverage and it uses the brush abrasives for flexible sanding before primer or sealer coats. The flexible brush and abrasive on this hand tool make it perfect for reaching into door profiles and conforming to shapes on a work-piece. Many of our customers use this tool as an edge sander for doors in a stack.

If you are interested in our F15 8″ sander, you can order it directly from the Buy Now link below.

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