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F6 Hand Finishing Tool 4-Inch

f6 Finishing sander

Pneumatic hand sander tool

The F6 is a pneumatic hand sander tool used for deburring and denibbing work pieces; the sander will accept all the sanding media available from QuickWood. The F6 is a light weight and powerful tool designed for finish and sealer sanding of cabinet doors, furniture, frames and window components. The sanding head is 4″ and the most used abrasives are our brush abrasives on this machine. The machine can also be used for aluminum deburring or stainless steel deburring. We also have customers using it for distressing blue jeans.

f6 tool + extra head

Hand sander tool video

You can buy these hand sander tools  from our online store where many different hand sander tools are available. Using the hand sander tool will speed up the process of sanding your cabinet doors or moldings in your shop.

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