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F3 Hand Finishing Tool

F3 Air Power Tool Sanding

Pneumatic hand finishing tool

This hand finishing tool is good for sanding profiles on doors and great for sanding mouldings. The smallest handheld sander in the QuickWood assortment of sanders is the F3. This sander will take a 2 ” (50mm) head of QuickWood Brush Abrasive setups and because it is so small, it’s easy to move around on a work piece and easy to get into the profiles of a raised panel door.

This sander is very light weight at only 2.2 lbs ( 1kg). The F3 is well suited for light duty applications, where just a final sanding is needed of the door and profile. The hand finishing tool also works great for breaking sharp edges and making the work piece ready for stain and sealer. All the QuickWood tools can be used for both final sanding and sealer sanding as the brush abrasives can sand the nibs off the sealer.

F3 Air Tool Sander

Brush abrasives for the F3 power sander are available in grits 80 to grit 320 and the brush heads can easily be replaced or changed with a lighter/coarser grit.

Hand Finishing tool video


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You can buy this machine and many other smaller tools from our online store.  Using a hand finishing tool for sanding your parts will save you lots of time