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Pedistal Sanders

Pedistal Sander

The pedistal sander is used when its easier to hold the part with both hands and move the part up to the sander. QuickWood makes a few different versions of this sander.  Used both in woodworking and metal working applications. The sanding heads are normally out fitted with the brush backed abrasives, but can also be out fitted with buffing wheels or non woven discs for different applications.

The sander can also be made with two flap wheels side by side, as show below.


Other styles of the QuickWood pedistal sander

The second style sander and flap wheel combination as shown above, gives you both sanding and brushing in one unite. This versatile unit gives you grinding and flap wheel sanding in one unit. The sanders takes up very little floor space and having this unit in your shop could really make a difference in the time spent on sanding applications.

For the QuickWood pedistal sander please expect 4 weeks delivery time and please specify the voltage when placing an order for this machine.